FAQ | Winning Colours Farm
  • 1.I want to send my mare to a WCF Stallion, what now?  
  • Fill in the Application Form, Send us an email, or call Peta on (02) 63379269.  We will then forward you the forms for the season and answer any further questions you may have.  That is as much as you have to do  (except kiss your mare goodbye when her horse transport arrives!).    We can organise the tranport for you and can recommend carriers that will pick her up at your door and deliver her to our door.   If your mare is not an Australian Stud Book Thoroughbred, or you do not require this registration,  you can have semen transported to your choice of Vet Practice for Artificial Insemination using Profile IN Style (USA) this coming 2015 season.  This is the very first season we have offered him for A.I and we will not offer him for A.I. in 2016. 

  • 2.Do you send out semen for the Stallions?  
  • Due to the Australian Stud Book's rules of not permitting collection of a Thoroughbred stallion in the same season as they will serve (live cover) Thoroughbred mares, we are unable to collect the stallions that will be covering Thoroughbred mares.  For the first time in 2015 season, we will not stand Profile IN Style (USA) for Australian Stud Book Thoroughbred mares and he will be collected with fresh, frozen and chilled semen available through Embroyonix Equine Reproduction which is a part of Illawarra Equine Centre at Meroo Meadow between Berry and Nowra NSW..  They can send semen anywhere throughout Australia (and possibly New Zealand) or semen can be collected from their facility.   So in short, we can send out semen from Profile In Style (USA).  We will then send out a matching service certificate for your mare's registered society once pregnancy is confirmed.  

  • 3.I've never bred or owned a Thoroughbred before so what do I have to do for registration?  
  • The Australian Stud Book is a fabulous organisation to be a part of.  And as they say, "You can't beat a bloodhorse".   It is very easy (as well as fun and exciting) to breed, register, own and even race a Thoroughbred; and we can assist you every step of the way.   They are such smart, willing and versatile athletes and coupled with our purpose bred program of breeding them with jaw dropping good looks and in spectaular colours all while endeavouring to breed Champions, you are getting on a WINNING combination!  Enjoy the fruits of our labour.

  • 4.How long does my mare have to stay at stud?  
  • Usually mares come to us end of September or the beginning of October.  You are more than welcome to send your mare before hand to aclimatise (we are in a cold climate region of NSW Australia).   Once your mare has been covered (served) she will be preg checked a fortnight later.  If pregnancy is confirmed, for mares travelling home within say 200kms, once the follicle has attached to the uterus at 16 days they could go home, however we do prefer to wait to the six week mark (a standard in the industry) where she will receive a Verterinarians Certificate of Confirmed Pregnancy.  This certificate has the date of service and her expected due date on it, as well as the date this 42day pregnancy check was done.   If your mare is heading to Victoria or South East Queensland, we prefer you to wait until your mare is 60 days in foal; to Northern Queensland or South Australia - 90 days; and to Western Australia - 120 days.